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A guide to purchasing your first property in Nairobi Kenya.

Posted by Shelta on January 31, 2022

Buying a house is dream of every person but it become nightmare then it goes wrong because of insufficient knowledge. There are many properties in Nairobi, which people can purchase. They need to either contact the owner directly or go to him though an agent to look for a property in Nairobi. People need to be very careful when they look for the properties and want to buy one. Here are some of the tips, which they need to consider in order to purchase a property in Kenya.

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Requirement of appraisal

When a buyer is looking to purchase a property in Kenya, he has to get an appraisal letter from a bank. This appraisal will let the buyer know that the property that he has chosen is affordable or not. The bank that has delivered the appraisal will let the buyer know the amount of mortgage that he will get and this will be based on his earnings. The appraisal will also help the buyer to get an idea regarding the property where they can make an investment and purchase it without any problem.


The next thing that the buyer needs to look for is the location. The location of the property should be such that many things should be nearby like market, railway station, airport, school, college, etc. If all or most of these places are nearby, the buyer will not face any problem, as he will be able to get everything nearby. This will lower down the expenditure on transport. If parks and gardens are nearby, he can take his children for a visit.


Service of the property

There are chances that the buyer may have to work late at night or he may have to pick and drop his children from and to their school. In such a case, the property that he is going to buy should serve him well.


The buyer needs to read the contract regarding the payment and in such a case, he needs to hire a lawyer who will help him in dealing with the whole procedure of payment. The buyer has to read the full document regarding the payment Along with this, he also has to read the documents related to mortgage, lease agreement, sale agreement and many other documents before finalizing the deal. The buyer must understand all the terms and conditions mentioned in the documentation and a lawyer can help him in this case. He needs to understand the payment plan along with other legal things so that everything goes smooth during the process of purchasing the property.

Beware of dishonest people

The buyer must be aware of the dishonest people as he can get into a problem and he may have to go through legal proceedings or may have to pay a lot of money to get rid of the situation. There are chances that many false agents may come to the buyer and convince him to purchase z property. Most of them come with a story, which the buyer may believe. There are situations when the buyer may not like the property or he may not be in a position to pay for it. The buyer should not rush to buy a property. He needs to be patient and let the proceedings go at a slow pace. It is a better option to visit the website regarding a property. He may buy any property whether a land or a house. He may have to pay an amount in order to see the house and that is the first sign of the fraud. It is better that the buyer should go to the location of the property and check whether the seller is speaking lies or he is truthful.


These are some of the tips, which the buyer needs to go consider while purchasing a property. He should hire a lawyer who can help him in finalizing the deal and understand g all the legal, documents. He must be aware of the dishonest seller and be very alert in order to avoid any kind of problems.

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